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Water Treatment



Aquafresh has a range of Sterilight ultraviolet disinfection systems for residential, commercial and municipal applications.

Sterilight systems incorporate modern technology to solve the age-old problem of bacterial contamination that can be present in all water supplies, especially rural areas or areas that are not treated by municipal water systems.

The Sterilight modular line of ultraviolet disinfection systems can be used in a myriad of applications where flexibility and pricing sensitivity is a deciding factor.

Sterilight systems can be used as a point-of-entry (whole house) disinfection system for the water supply for an entire home or residential complex. The low pressure germicidal lamps provide an economical way of treating water requiring a 99.99% destruction of bacteria, virus, and protozoan cysts (Giardia and Cryptosporidium) at the rated flow. The process is accomplished without adding any potentially harmful chemicals to the drinking water.

The Sterilight system can be mounted under the sink inline with your water purifier or larger units can be mounted externally for higher flow rates for household or industrial requirements.

Ideal for homes, units and holiday complexes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical and industrial processes etc. …in fact, anywhere that bacteria free water is desired.

Sterilight is the most ecologically sound way of treating your water. …and all this from just a few cents per day!

Whole House Filtration:

These systems are capable of higher flow rates than point-of-use systems. They are the ideal choice for homes affected by heavy sediment problems. As well as providing clean drinking water they prevent damage to water heaters and the soiling of laundy and dishes through filtration of contaminants.

Whole house water filtration can also include carbon filtration to reduce chlorine and other contaminants that create odour and affect taste of water.

These systems are installed before the water line enters the house. If ultra high purity point-of-use systems are required then a whole of house system will allow them to operate at greater efficiencies.

High Flow Reverse Osmosis:

High flow reverse osmosis systems produce from 150 litres to 75,000 litres of pure water per day for use in domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural and rural applications.

High levels of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) are usually the result of high levels of common impurities. …chloride, sodium or calcium ions, nitrates, metals etc and symptoms may vary but often include chloride related corrosion of metal surfaces, hardness scale and unpalatable drinking water.

Aquafresh have the support and technical backup of CUNO, a 3M Company, and can design, supply and commission the best solution to your high purity water requirements for domestic, commercial, industrial and process applications.

Reverse osmosis systems include pre-treatment and storage packages as required.

Water Softeners:

Do you have these problems? Itchy skin after bathing; washed clothes dull and grey; scale in kettle or jug; cloudy film on showerscreen; high energy bills?

If so, your home has hard water and what you need is a water softener.

Your clothes will look better, last longer and, you’ll save up to 70% on detergent and washing powder costs. No more scaly kettles, longer life for your plumbing and fittings and you’ll enjoy luxurious bathing because softened water does not dry out skin and hair. You’ll also get full flavoured food and beverages from squeaky clean glassware and dishes.

Automatic Backwash Filter:

A range of Automatic Backwashing Filters are available for taste and odour removal, de-chlorination, turbidity reduction, and hydrogen sulphide removal.

The systems include fully automatic backwash control, by-pass valve, easy media replenishment without disassembly of unit and seamless fiberglass tank.

Iron Removal Systems:

High iron levels in water are indicated by red brown staining of plumbing and laundry fixtures and a cloudy appearance and metallic taste to beverages.

Problems caused by iron and manganese are often found in homes that use bore or ground water. If you are plagued with this contamination, an iron removal system in your home will give you brighter, whiter clothes, no more staining of clothes and better tasting water.

Acid Neutralisers:

Typical symptoms of acid water (low pH) are blue/green staining on plumbing fixtures such as taps and shower roses. The blue/green stains are an indication that acidic (low pH) water is corroding your copper pipes and perhaps creating a health risk. A neutralising filter is the simple, effective economical solution to this problem.

Specialised Products:

We can design, supply, install and commission a system to suit individual requirements – everything from domestic/residential applications through to full, turn-key requirements of industrial, commercial and municipal complexes and installations.

High flow/tank water filtration:

High flow filtration – A series of high flow filtration systems for tank water, river water and industrial process water – some with zero consumables.

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