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Gravity Based Technology

EXACT is proud to present its patented and ground-breaking technology- Gravity based Ultra Filtration (UF). EXACT has innovated a specially designed UF membrane that works under the force of gravity and at atmospheric pressure. This UF membrane has a pore size of 0.1 microns which is small enough to filter out bacteria as well as harmful micro-organisms like cysts. It is used in combination with fine Nylon filter which removes dust and sand as well as Carbon filter that is coated with nano-silver. This nano-silver coated carbon filter absorbs many organic impurities and dissolved gases in water. The nano silver coating is anti-microbial by nature and ensures that the carbon does not become a breeding ground for micro-organisms.

As a result, water purified by using EXACT gravity based UF technology is purer than boiled water and safer than water purified by chemical disinfectants.

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