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Current Scenario of Drinking Water

The impurities present in drinking water can be classified into:-

Suspended Impurities:- These are the physical impurities which remain suspended in water such as dust, sand, dead insects and harmful micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and cyst. They lead to discoloration of water and may also cause diseases.

Dissolved Impurities:- These are the chemical impurities which get dissolved and mixed with water. They cannot be removed by simple filtration techniques and require advance technology for removal. These impurities include chemicals, rust, pesticides, insecticides and salts of metals like arsenic, fluoride, iron, calcium etc.

Hence, with the constant deterioration in the quality of water and rise in impurities, it is now imperative to have a water purifier in our kitchens, irrespective of the source of water supply.

Climatic changes, droughts, rampant and uncontrolled industrialization has led to alarming levels of waste being disposed into our water sources such as rivers, water reservoirs and ground well water.

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