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Water Testing

Hard Water Testing

In this section you will find all the items that will allow you to test water and other solutions for hardness. Hard water causes scale formation inside heaters and washing machines as well as being a main cause of spotting on fixtures, corrosion and low soap lathering. We have taken the Test kits that measure hardness and combined them into this category to help you find the right testing kit for your needs..

Hach Test Kits – Best Choice

Ideal for monitoring water quality in commercial, residential and pharmaceutical applications. Single parameter kits make immediate evaluations in the field and more complex test kits are used for critical measurement. Each kit contains everything you will need to test water from a nearby stream or simply to test your own drinking water for one specific parameter.

Kits offer a choice of two testing methods. For the drop-count titration method, you use the dropper provided to add titrate to the prepared sample just until the color changes. It is inexpensive and accurate within 10%. The color disc method involves rotating a color wheel to obtain a color match with the reacted sample.

Iron Testing

In this section you will find items that will allow you to test water and other solution for levels of dissolved Iron. Iron in water can cause staining in basins, tubs and on clothing

PurTest Test Kits

Purtest kits are do-it-yourself kits for testing and analysis of impurities such as bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrate, nitrite hardness and other contaminants in residential, Industrial, laboratory and pharmaceutical applications.

The Purtest kits allow the end user to quickly and easily monitor a wide variety of parameters in just about any type of water supply

Bacteria Testing

n this section you will find the products you need to test water for bacteria levels. We offer a general go-no-go bacteria test and a professional test that will give you the actual count of bacteria colonies in your water in 24-72 hours.


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