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Water Chillers

Water Chillers

Bottled Water Coolers:

Floor standing units are available with 2 taps and it’s your choice of chilled and ambient temperature water or, hot and chilled water.

Benchtop units are also available with 2 taps for chilled and ambient temperature water. All units are easy to clean, sanitise and service; and the contemporary designs will suit the most stylish home or office.

Mains Pressure Water Coolers:

We offer a range of floor standing mains pressure water coolers with varying stainless steel reservoir capacities. Various water temperature combinations are available – piping hot, ambient or ‘normal’ temperature and of course, refreshingly chilled. There’s a model perfect for your needs but no matter which you choose they are all easy to clean, sanitise and service and made from long life UV resistant materials.

For detailed specifications download the brochure that best suits your requirements and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

RP Series – 1.8 litre reservoir with a chilling capacity of 5 litres per hour. Two taps – normal and chilled water. Australian made.

D5 Series – Large reservoir (12 litres) with a chilling capacity of 6.6 litres per hour. Two taps for each chiller and your choice of normal and chilled water or hot and chilled water. Unique ‘function display’ lamps.

CJ Series – Bubbler and/or carafe filler unit with 3 litre capacity reservoir and 13 litres per hour chilling capacity.

RM Series – Heavy duty bubbler and/or carafe filler unit with 1.9 litre capacity reservoir. Three models to choose from – 10 litre per hour chilling rate, 20 litres per hour chilling rate and 30 litres per hour chilling rate. Available in various colours.


IC8 – Plumbed in under the sink, these units are suitable for use with or without a purifier. They have a 1.9 litre stainless steel reservoir and a chilling rate of 6 litres per hour.

Industrial/Commercial Series:

A wide range of industrial/commercial water chilling units is available to suit most applications with chilling rates up to 105 litres per hour.

Ideal for schools, factories, dining halls, sports facilities, mining camps etc.

Filters for Bottles:

Self Filter Bottle – 11 litre self filtering pure water bottle with a replaceable 3 stage carbon/ceramic filter to produce sparkling clean and refreshing water. Fits most bottle type chillers.

Gravity Feed Bottle Filter – the Aquanet filter fits between the bottle and chiller. Fits most bottle type chillers.

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