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Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers


Compact, convenient and economical. No plumbing required. Ideal for home, office, caravan or holiday unit.


– Twin Undersink: Our biggest selling system. A very efficient two-stage purifier that represents tremendous value for money.

– Single Undersink: A neat and compact, space saving purifier that combines efficiency with affordability.

Reverse Osmosis:

Hidden away under the kitchen sink, or mounted neatly on the wall, the Reverse Osmosis unit silently and efficiently goes to work purifying your family’s drinking water and providing the cleanest, best tasting water you’ve ever experienced.

Refrigerator Filters:

We offer a range of filters to provide great tasting filtered water for your refrigerator or ice maker.

Whether you want to replace an existing filter or retro-fit a new filter we can provide you with the best and most economical solution.


The most effective solution for bacteria and virus contamination is ultraviolet disinfection of your water supply.

Ultra-violet water sterilisers protect your water the same way that Nature does – by using the cleansing power of ultraviolet light. Unlike traditional disinfection methods, like chlorination, UV treatment is a physical process that adds nothing to the water so there is no change to the taste or colour of the water. It is simply safer.

Boiling/Chilled Water:

It’s your choice, a refreshing glass of chilled filtered water… or piping hot water for coffee or tea, available in an instant from the most advanced dispenser on the market today.


We are pleased to offer a contemporary range of designer faucets for under-sink filtration systems that are both easy on the eye and a joy to use.

Air to Water:

The Dragon Fly ‘Air to Water’ machine extracts its water from the air to provide chemical free and fresh drinking water.

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